Our People

Senior Leadership

Full Time Faculty

Adjunct Faculty


  • Ms. Molly Albin
    Ms. Molly Albin
    Alumni Coordinator
  • Ms. Liliana Besosa
    Ms. Liliana Besosa
    Operations Coordinator
  • Mr. Luis Castro
    Mr. Luis Castro
    Resource Manager
  • Ms. Georgina Crovetto
    Ms. Georgina Crovetto
  • Ms. Linda Denning
    Ms. Linda Denning
    Chief of Operations and Student Affairs
  • Mrs. Viviana Edwards
    Mrs. Viviana Edwards
    Multimedia Specialist
  • Mr. Nick Foreit
    Mr. Nick Foreit
    Webmaster, Deputy IMO
  • Ms. Suzanne Heist
    Ms. Suzanne Heist
    Management Analyst
  • Ms. María Fernanda Martínez
    Ms. María Fernanda Martínez
    Operations Officer
  • Mrs. Maritza Monteverde
    Mrs. Maritza Monteverde
    EA to the Director
  • Mr. Raúl Neine
    Mr. Raúl Neine
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Ms. Kara O’Ryan
    Educational Outreach Specialist
  • Ms. Emily Smith
    Ms. Emily Smith
    Academic Assistant
    Intern Coordinator
  • Mr. Luis Torres
    Mr. Luis Torres
    Administrative Specialist
  • Mr. Henry Tweddle
    Mr. Henry Tweddle
    Operations Officer


Spring 2020 Cohort


  • Ms. Audrey Bernier
    - Intern -
    Laval University
  • Ms. Sofía Calidonio
    - Intern -
    Central American Technological University
  • Mr. Jake Gilstrap
    - Intern -
    Georgetown University
  • Ms. Claudia Rojas Manrique
    - Intern -
    Harvard Extension School
  • Ms. Stephanie Rosito
    - INTERN -
    Ming Chuan University
  • Mr. Jack Villec
    - Intern -
    George Washington University
  • Mr. Mark Wilson
    - Intern -
    University of Eninburgh