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  • The Defense Governance Course 2021 is a virtual 40-hour course that explores relevant concepts, institutions, norms, values, processes, and methodologies related to the functioning and effectiveness of defense governance within a democratic state.

  • The principal objective of this course is to offer participants the theoretical foundations and analytical tools to help them develop and/or expand their ability to be active participants in the processes of security and defense strategy and policy formulation, decision-making, implementation, and control and oversight.

  • The WSDS Seminar is designed to provide knowledge on the development of security and defense policies in the United States of America.



The Perry Center publishes original works by faculty, staff, alumni, and international colleagues through a variety of print and digital outlets. The current lineup of publications includes Regional Insights and Occasional Papers, as well as special reports and books. We welcome submissions in English and Spanish for any of the publication types. We also feature the work of our faculty and staff published by external entities.


William Godnick
Dr. William Godnick
Professor of Practice
Celina Realuyo
Celina Realuyo
Professor of Practice

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