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We welcome contributions from anyone in the hemisphere (North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean) working on security and defense. Submissions should be 1,000 to 1,500 words focused on an aspect of Women, Peace, and Security in which the author has personal experience. Submissions should be emailed to chdsejournal@ndu.edu as an attached word document. Any bibliographical references should be included as footnotes that follow Chicago Style for citations. The Word file and the email should be titled "1325 Stories." In addition to sending the essay, the author should also submit a short bio (250 words) and headshot as two separate attachments. We welcome submissions in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Selected essays will be published online in their original language. Authors should expect to receive a decision on their submission within six weeks of the Center receiving the complete package (essay, bio, and author photo.)

Twenty Years, Twenty Stories: Women, Peace, and Security in the Western Hemisphere

Publication Date:
October 2020
Language Availability:
English, Spanish, Portuguese *
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, the William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies and US Southern Command published an edited collection of essays, "Twenty Years, Twenty Stories: Women, Peace, and Security in the Western Hemisphere," that reflect the inclusion of women across mission areas including cyber, peacekeeping, and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief." This book elevates the voices of talented women and men working in defense and security across the Western Hemisphere and highlights Perry Center alumni. 
  • Foreword [EN] - Craig S. Faller and LTG (ret.) Frederick S. Rudesheim
  • Introduction [EN] - Fabiana Sofia Perera and Lt Col Duilia Mora Turner
  • Women in Argentina’s Armed Forces at the Forefront of the Riskiest Peacetime Missions [EN/SP] - María de los Angeles Gruttulini
  • The South Atlantic Conflict: “Forgotten Women” [EN/SP] - Alejandro Perugorria
  • Teaching the Next Generation of Women [EN/PT] - Sabrina Medeiros
  • Cybercrime and Gender Perspectives [EN/PT] - Beatriz da Silveira
  • Women in Security And Defense: 20 Years After the Adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 [EN/SP] - Carolina Sancho
  • Assessing United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 From an Academic Perspective [EN/SP] - Daniela Sepúlveda and Pablo Rivas Pardo
  • Stories from the Investigation Police from Chile [EN/SP] - Christian Serón Leal and María Paz Aguilera
  • Warrior Women [EN/SP] - Martha Janneth Dávila
  • The Female Researcher, a Peace Builder in Colombia [EN/SP] - Fernanda Navas Camargo and Paola Sierra Zamora
  • Gender Inequality in Police Leadership: A Reality in 2020 [EN/SP] - Marcela Ortiz
  • Many Girls, Surely They’ll Be Military [EN/SP] - Daniela Medina and Diana Sanabria
  • Ecuador’s Implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 [EN/SP]  Malenny Cristina Zaldumbide Espinoza
  • Women’s Experience and Leadership in the National Security System [EN/SP] - Sara Alonzo
  • An Ambitious Perspective of Women’s Contributions to Honduran Military Operations [EN/SP] - Perla Flores
  • The Evolution of Women’s Participation in the Secretariat of the Mexican Navy [EN/SP] - Patricia Baranda
  • Experiences and Challenges of Women in Peacekeeping Missions [EN/SP] - Lourdes Barriga
  • Female Army Personnel in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations [EN/SP] - Karina Lazo
  • Tracing the Integration of Women into the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force [EN/SP] - Daryl Dindial and Kemba Hannays
  • The Few, the Proud, the Female Marines [EN] - Serena Simeoli
  • The Important Contribution of Military Women in Peace and Security [EN/SP] Rosario Rodríguez
  • Conclusion [EN] - AMB Jean Manes

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