Joint and Interagency Course (JIA 2021)


Online Phase Dates: 
May 24, 2021 to May 28, 2021
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Course given in Spanish



The Joint and Interagency Course seeks to increase participant awareness, understanding and an appreciation for the importance of joint and interagency efforts to confront the hybrid defense and security challenges facing governments today, both regionally and internationally. This course will discuss the new security environment, the importance and necessity for increased coordination, the evolution of coordination from jointness to inter-agency, and the benefits of developing truly integrated whole of government solutions. The course utilizes multiple case studies from both the United States, the region and elsewhere. This course will also challenge the participants by presenting them with case studies for which they will have to develop joint and inter-agency solutions in a small discussion group. These solutions will be then discussed with other participants and professors to provide a practical exercise of the concepts as well as the exchange of ideas and experiences to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the concepts.

COURSE OVERVIEW (click on the + below to open the individual items)

Participants will deepen their understanding in the following areas:

  • The new security environment
  • The importance and necessity for increased coordination
  • The evolution of coordination from jointness to inter-agency
  • The benefits of developing truly integrated whole of government solutions

This is a one-week online course. The course convenes for approximately 4-5 hours per day using the Blackboard Learning System and Zoom for Government. The course is developed through online lectures and panels, working group sessions, case studies and exercises, as well as required readings.

This course is tailored in response to the defense policy goals of the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs, and the objectives of the Combatant Commands, particularly those related to the critical mission of the US Government and the Department of Defense to strengthen whole-of-government approaches to the promotion of democratic accountability, respect for human rights, and the rule of law.

ADMINISTRATIVE DETAILS (click on the + below to open the individual items)

Candidates should be officers and civilian officials at the strategic-operational level (Colonel/Commander, Command and General Staff Course beneficial, and above for military). Civilians should have college degrees, a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree equivalent, Master’s Degree beneficial, and an upper mid-level degree of professional experience.

Candidates must possess a university degree or, in cases where a candidate does not hold a degree, equivalent practical experience. Military and police personnel must have completed a command and staff course or equivalent. Exceptions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The course is conducted in Spanish. Fluency in Spanish is required for reading theoretical and conceptual materials and for conducting group discussions. Candidates who are not native speakers of Spanish will be interviewed telephonically prior to final selection.

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