HR/ROL: Rule of Law, Armed Forces, and Defense Policy


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Jun 21, 2021 to Jun 25, 2021
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Course given in Spanish


Participants should be able to contribute to the general objectives of Rule of Law (ROL), Armed Forces and Defense Policy at both the personal and institutional level, acquiring and/or improving the following functional competencies:

  • Identifying and examining ROL topics most relevant to the defense sector and armed forces in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Better understanding the ROL universe and the legal framework in relation to defense policies, including various perspectives on controversial topics and the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches.
  • Designing practical public policies focused on improving the rule of law within the defense sector.
  • Implementing existing ROL commitments in the most effective way possible, with the advantage of a better understanding and broader professional networks.

COURSE OVERVIEW (click on the + below to open the individual items)

Designed for government and non-government officials professionally engaged in the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of public policies concerning rule of law within the defense sector. The course will also examine issues such as national security and defense policies on human rights, international humanitarian law and rule of law; peacekeeping operations; military justice; legislative and civil society oversight of the defense sector.

This is a one-week online course with approximately four hours of activity per day. Participants use National Defense University's (NDU) distance learning system Blackboard and Zoom for Government, to download reading material, submit assignments and participate in video conferences. The course combines academic and practitioner lectures with smaller group discussions.

This course is tailored in response to the defense policy goals of the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs, and the objectives of the Combatant Commands; particularly those related to the critical mission of the US Government and the Department of Defense to strengthen whole-of-government approaches to the promotion of democratic accountability, respect for human rights, and the rule of law.

ADMINISTRATIVE DETAILS (click on the + below to open the individual items)

Candidates must be professionally engaged in the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of public policies concerning rule of law in the defense sector, coming from the following institutions/activities:

  • Civilian defense ministry and national security agency professionals.
  • Military officers with responsibilities in any of the following fields: inter-agency coordination, peacekeeping, military justice, legislative affairs, etc.
  • Professionals from academia and civil society who work specifically on rule of law, armed forces and defense policy.

Candidates must possess a university degree or, in cases where a candidate does not hold a degree, equivalent practical experience. Military and police personnel must have completed a command and staff course or equivalent. Exceptions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The HR/ROL course is conducted in Spanish. There is simultaneous interpretation from English during some plenary sessions. Minimum professional reading skills are desired for candidates to read theoretical and conceptual materials. English speaking skills are not required.

Updated / Actualizado: January 11, 2021