Alumni Spotlights Submission

Share your Achievements with “Alumni Spotlights”

Let us know of any achievement, publication, promotion, or other noteworthy event that you'd like to share with the Perry Center community. Note: your submission may be edited for length and content.

Submission Guidelines
  • Any photos graduates would like to be included in their Spotlight must be sent to
  • The accomplishment being submitted can be no more than a year old.
  • The accomplishment must be a professional accomplishment (e.g. promotions, recent job changes, awards, publications).
  • If submitting an article you must include the name of the article, where it was published, the year, the volume, as well as a link that can be shared.
  • If submitting a book, you must include the title, the year published, and a link if possible.

Submissions that are selected are published twice a year in the Alumni Spotlights Magazine. Due to the popularity of the Alumni Spotlights program, there may be delays in the publication of your Spotlight on our website and social media due to the volume of requests received. Selected submissions are shared on the website and social media in the order they are received.