US Northern Command Launches New Issue of THE WATCH

The Watch
June 26, 2020

From United States Northern Command:

This second edition of THE WATCH focuses on "Collaborative Defense" highlighting the value of local, regional, and international defense partnerships. For alliances to succeed, defense partners must embrace emerging technology to counter increasingly sophisticated threats. The magazine includes a key leader profile of Brig. Gen. Pete M. Fesler, deputy director of operations for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Brig. Gen Fesler explains how the US and its partners are investing in cutting-edge technology to meet new threats. He also discusses the science of getting military cargo and personnel to the fight in a technologically sophisticated environment. THE WATCH also looks upward to the crowded landscape of space, where scientists are tracking 8,800 metric tons of debris orbiting Earth. Finally, the magazine highlights the partnership between Canada and the United States that has protected North America since the beginning of the Cold War.

THE WATCH is a unique publication with each issue exploring changing Homeland Defense threat environments (air/ground/maritime/cyber/space), emerging Great Power Competition (GPC) in the Arctic, cutting-edge technologies, and highlighting innovative Homeland Defense partnerships.  Each issue emphasizes the importance of the United States partnering with its allies and trusted partners to defend their collective homelands.

To read the newest edition of THE WATCH online, or to subscribe (free of charge) to receive hard copies, please visit the link below.