Residential Phase of Cyber and DG Courses Begin at the Perry Center

DG/CYBER Course Kickoff
Photo Credit: WJPC Staff
September 16, 2019

On Monday, September 16 2019 the residential phase of two Perry Center courses, Defense Governance (DG) and Cyber Policy Development (CYBER) began. Nearly 80 senior military and civilian representatives from a dozen countries in the Western Hemisphere have convened for the next two weeks to learn from Perry Center faculty, distinguished inter-agency speakers, and their fellow participants.

DG is directed by Professor Alejandro Alemán and facilitated by Dr. Alejandra Bolaños and focuses on addressing improved ministerial capacity through better institutional governance in the defense and security sectors, in order to have each sector contribute produce more effective and sustainable contributions. The course addresses the principles and characteristics of good governance, and seeks for its students to participate in the process of improving overall ministerial capacity in their individual assignments.

Led by Brigadier General (ret.) Dr. Boris Saavedra and facilitated by Ms. Celina Realuyo, along with adjunct processor Dr. Vicente Torrijos, the CYBER course focuses on deepening participants’ understanding of the global cyber landscape from the perspectives of national state power and competitiveness. Through the course, senior leaders gain knowledge and strategies for informed decision making regarding cyber policy, strategy, and planning within the national state power framework.