Perry Center Participates in Academic Exchange with Mexican National Security Commission

National Security Commission Academic Exchange
April 20, 2018

On Wednesday, April 11, Perry Center professors Celina Realuyo and Boris Saavedra participated in an academic exchange with the Mexican National Security Commission (CNS) in Mexico City. Perry Center alumna Mónica Méndez, CNS Deputy Director of Planning, Evaluation and Strategy, opened the event and gave welcoming remarks to an audience of more than 185 participants, which included representatives from the Federal Police, CNS, as well as many Perry Center alumni.

During the first portion of the program, Professor Realuyo gave a presentation titled "The Fight Against Illicit Networks in the Americas." Professor Realuyo discussed how globalization has facilitated the expansion of illicit networks, their convergence with terrorist groups, and the evolution of the roles of the police and armed forces in the fight against organized crime. She explained that as these networks continue to grow, so does the threat to national and international security. Realuyo shared recommended measures for countering these networks, including tougher policies and strategies to combat corruption and impunity, and increased interagency collaboration and international cooperation.

Dr. Boris Saavedra closed the program with a lecture titled “A Strategic Analysis of the Cybersecurity Environment: Crime in Cyberspace.” Dr. Saavedra explained how criminals have taken advantage of technological advances and the increasing prevalence and severity of cyber-attacks and data breaches. Dr. Saavedra discussed the importance of strategies and policies at the national and regional levels to protect individuals and countries against these threats. He also emphasized greater cooperation between military, governmental and civil society actors to develop and implement effective cybersecurity policies.

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