Call for Nominations: 2022 William J. Perry Award for Excellence in Security and Defense Education

Perry Award 2022 - Call for Nominations
May 16, 2022

Every day, thousands of dedicated professionals in government, the military, academia, and civil society do the tireless, often unheralded work of making the Americas safer and more secure. The Perry Award offers an opportunity to recognize some of the individuals and organizations advancing security and defense education in the Americas. I hope you can help bring attention to these standout policymakers, educators, and practitioners by submitting nominations for the 2022 Perry Award.

When thinking of potential nominees, you might consider the example of the Center’s founder, Dr. William J. Perry, a leader who has promoted hemispheric security in many arenas–as a senior policymaker in government, enlisted soldier and reserve officer in the US Army, executive in private business, and researcher and educator in universities. The networks and organizations that promote democratic security in the Americas are varied, and the selection committee welcomes the nominations of individuals and institutions from many backgrounds.

Thank you for your interest in the William J. Perry Award for Excellence in Security and Defense Education. The Perry Center looks forward to receiving your nomination packets.