CHDS Alumna Wins High Honors For Promoting Postive Workplace Values in Peru

June 26, 2009
Julia Caballero Vizcarra

SDP 2006

Julia Caballero Vizcarra was honored on June 6 as one of the two most valued public servants who promote the positive values in the work place, by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru. Caballero Vizcarra, a career public servant who has worked in the defense sector since 1993, is the director of the Office of Investments, which validates investment projects for the Defense sector. In this capacity she is responsible for reviewing and approving all Ministry capital expenditures, including the purchase of weapons systems.

While at CHDS, Caballero Vizcarra distinguished herself by her thoughtful and pertinent questions, CHDS faculty members recall, as well as by her many contributions in both the formal classroom environment and that of her break-out group, but also in one-to-one relationships with her fellow course participants. In particular, Caballero Vizcarra is remembered in Lincoln Hall as one of the most informed of participants in her group, but also one of the most generous in sharing relevant experiences. Prior to receiving the recognition in Peru, she had already received numerous awards for her outstanding work.

More recently, Caballero Vizcarra was an active participant in the second Bilateral US-Peruvian working group held in Lima, where she was also congratulated for her participation by Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Dr. Frank Mora. In speaking with her former Center facilitator Caballero Vizcarra emphasized the importance of her CHDS experience in terms of being able to bring to bear knowledge she acquired while attending the course, and later at an Advanced Policy Seminar also hosted by CHDS. She also emphasized the importance of her on-going contacts with members of her break-out group and other course fellows.