Washington Security and Defense Seminar Kicks Off

September 09, 2014

On September 8, the 2014 Washington Security and Defense Seminar (WSDS) commenced at the Perry Center. The residence phase of the course runs September 8–12 and is aimed primarily at members of the diplomatic corps of Western Hemisphere countries, with the intent of bolstering knowledge on the development of security and defense policies in the United States. During the one-week workshop, the 60 participants from 23 different countries will identify the issues and understand the perspectives of key national goals, preferences in terms of strategies, policy guidance, and the dynamics of decision making in a democratic society. The participants will hear lectures from both Perry Center faculty and invited guest speakers from the US security and defense policymaking community, and will then have the opportunity to discuss these concepts in small group settings. Professor Pat Paterson is course director, with Professors Walter Earle, Michael Gold-Biss, Guillermo Pacheco, Celina Reluyo, and Boris Saavedra facilitating breakout group activities.