Videoconference with Chile's School for Naval Warfare

February 24, 2015

On February 24, a video conference was held with the Naval War College of Chile on various topics of the global environment that interested students. The student, who were not only from Chile, but also from El Salvador, Ecuador, China, and Brazil among others. Professors Dr. Luis Bitencourt and Guillermo Pacheco-Gaitan, began by explaining the Perry Center's mission, so that the students knew of its history. They then reviewed the strategic perception of the US in the face of global and domestic challenges, emphasizing the new National Security Strategy presented by President Obama two weeks ago. They also discussed the challenges in the Persian Gulf and the Asia-Pacific region, concluding with a look at the regional environment of the Americas. At the end of the exhibition the Director of the Naval War Academy (who attended the Perry Center course on Security and Defense for Diplomats while he was posted in Washington as the Chilean Naval Attaché, thanked the Perry Center faculty for their presentation.