Senior Executive Dialogue: "National and Sub-Regional Strategies for Citizen Security in Central America"

June 25, 2012

On June 20–22, 2012, the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies hosted a Senior Executive Dialogue (SED) on "National and Sub-Regional Strategies for Citizen Security in Central America," which convened 14 senior foreign officials at the vice-ministerial level representing the Ministries of Defense, Security, and Foreign Affairs from 6 of the 7 countries of Central America (except Nicaragua). They were joined by their US counterparts from the Departments of Defense and State and U.S. Northern and Southern Commands, as well as a senior observer from Canada Command. At this "off the record" conference, the participants candidly shared their respective national security strategies and implementation plans to combat security threats, including transnational organized crime, in Central America. This three-day event promoted closer bilateral and regional cooperation on the leading security issues in Central America, especially transnational organized crime, and identified some areas, such as border and maritime security, where the countries could collaborate more closely.

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