Professor Sepúlveda Participates in VTC with Honduras National Defense College

June 03, 2014

On June 2, Professor Isidro Sepúlveda presented a video-teleconference (VTC) lecture to the students of the Honduran National Defense College Master’s Program. The lecture covered the topic of geopolitics. Dr. Sepúlveda began with an introduction to the classic conceptual basics, the principal thinkers, and the evolution of the elements that have characterized the discipline over the last century. The second part of the lecture covered the most important conflict scenarios at present and the return of geopolitics as an instrument of analysis for highly important international events: the rise of China and India as global actors; Russia’s desire for expansion into the former Soviet Republics; the consequences of the Arab Spring; and the features most characteristic of the new geopolitics of Latin America. The students raised many of their own questions and perspectives throughout the VTC.

This VTC was organized through a collaborative effort between the Perry Center and the National Defense University of Honduras, of which the College is a component, and with which the Perry Center maintains diverse programs of cooperation.

Isidro VTC with Honduras NDC