Professor Saavedra Provides Lecture to CEDEYAC Students

March 31, 2016

Dr. Boris Saavedra gave a video teleconference lecture followed by a Q&A session to 30 students of Peru’s Curso de Dirección Estratégica para la Defensa y Administración de Crisis (CEDEYAC). His topic, the Conceptual Nature of Security and Defense, addressed the varying perceptions of public security among Latin American nations.

Throughout his presentation, Dr. Saavedra stressed that long-term planning has become more and more difficult in recent years given the rapid advancements in technology as well as political shifts in many Latin American States. During the Q&A portion of the presentation, topics such as the the role of military participation in public security roles (one traditionally held by police forces), and the concept of poverty being a threat to security and defense were covered.