Perry Center Takes Transnational Threats Seminar to Guadalajara, Mexico

April 09, 2016

April 7-8, 2016, the Perry Center partnered with the University of Guadalajara’s Social Science and Humanities Department to carry out a “Countering Transnational Threats in the Americas Seminar” in Guadalajara, Mexico. Professors Boris Saavedra and Celina Realuyo presented before a crowd of more than 190 students, academics and security professionals on the complex web of global threats facing the region including terrorist groups, human trafficking, drug cartels, cybercrime and organized criminal groups. During their talks, both professors emphasized the need for greater cooperation between the public and the private sectors to address these emerging threats and improve citizen security.

The seminar also included speakers from the Perry Center alumni community, Alejandro Gongora (University of Guadalajara), Victor Saavedra (Transparancy and Public Information Institute of Jalisco), Javier Carrasco (Council on Public Citizen Security of Jalisco) and Marcos Pablo Moloeznik (University of Guadalajara), each of whom provided their own perspectives on the governance and security issues facing Mexico.


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