Perry Center Round Table with Mexican Marines Senior Leadership

March 20, 2014

On March 13, the Perry Center hosted a round table discussion and organizational overview for Vice Admiral Marco Antonio Ortega Siu, Coordinator General of the Mexican Marine Corps; Lieutenant General Richard P. Mills, Commander of both the US Marine Forces Reserve and Marine Forces North; and Major General Simeon Trombitas, the Senior US Defense Official/Defense Attaché Designate stationed at the US Embassy in Mexico. The round table was convened on the topic of common security and defense risks, threats, and vulnerabilities in the Western Hemisphere. The event was conducted in Spanish and the group discussed CTOC strategies, regional cooperation, citizen security, cybersecurity, natural disasters/critical infrastructure, and border security. The round table included several members of the Perry Center faculty and staff, including Acting Director Ken LaPlante, as well as several external invitees from the US defense policy community.

Roundtable with Mexican Marines Senior Leadership