Perry Center Recognizes Departing Professor RADM (ret.) Pedro de la Fuente

February 04, 2016

The Perry Center bid farewell to RADM (ret.) Pedro de la Fuente on Monday afternoon, honoring his five years of service as a professor at the Center. Professor de la Fuente consistently demonstrated superior leadership and academic excellence during his tenure, helping to develop and implement several innovative capacity-building programs that addressed issues of national security, decision-making, and crisis management in the region. Perry Center Director Mark Wilkins presented Professor de la Fuente with a Certificate of Achievement to recognize his commitment to excellence during his five years at the Perry Center. Professor de la Fuente also received the Defense Security Cooperation Agency’s World of Excellence Award for his exceptional support to the Center and its mission. “Pedro has been a major asset to the Center,” commented Dr. Scott Tollefson, Perry Center Dean of Academic Affairs, “and I thank him for his superb and loyal service over the past five years.” Professor de la Fuente plans to return to Argentina where he will dedicate his time to his family, as well as continue to serve the Perry Center with his academic research.

RADM (ret.) Pedro de la Fuente