Perry Center Provides VTC Lecture to CEDEYAC Course

October 11, 2016

On October 10, Doctor Luis Bitencourt lectured via VTC on "Challenges for Defense Governance in a Complex and Rapidly Changing World" to approximately 25 students of the Peruvian Navy’s CEDEYAC (Curso de Dirección Estratégica para la Defensa y Administracián de Crisis) course. Dr. Bitencourt analyzed how the new global challenges — imposed by the changing paradigms after the end of the Cold War and the appearance of new threats — are increasingly demanding adjustments in the States’ traditional strategic planning and defense posture. Moreover, Dr. Bitencourt explained the efforts to help States and their respective defense establishments to improve their strategic planning by adopting new methodologies and strategic planning tools. The lecture was followed by a lively debate that demonstrated the relevance of the topic. Among the questions was one that is becoming conspicuous in every discussion of this topic: “Is the military becoming obsolete?”

Professor Bitencourt giving his lecture via VTC