Perry Center Professors Decorated with Colombian War College Military Medal

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December 07, 2016

On December 6, 2016, Perry Center Professors Celina Realuyo and Boris Saavedra and their SOCSOUTH colleague Howard White were decorated with the Colombian War College (ESDEGUE) Military Medal in Bogota, Colombia. The award was conferred in recognition of their teaching and research contributions on transnational threats and support for the academic mission of ESDEGUE (Escuela Superior de Guerra) and CREES (Centro Regional de Estudios Estrategicos de Seguridad). The ceremony reflected the continued close collaboration between U.S. and Colombian armed forces in promoting peace and prosperity in the region.

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(From left) Dr. Boris Saavedra, Ms. Celina Realuyo, Mr. Howard WhiteESDEGUE medals