Perry Center Professors Conduct a Trio of Transnational Threat Seminars in Argentina

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January 07, 2019

From December 17-19, 2018 Perry Center Professors Celina Realuyo and Boris Saavedra, conducted a bilateral engagement program at the invitation of WJPC alumni who organized three separate transnational threats seminars, inspired by the WJPC-hosted sub-regional CTTN seminars in Bogotá and Lima that they had attended.  

December 17 - Buenos Aires Provincial Ministry of Security in La Plata (64 Participants)
December 18 - Argentine Senate (85 Participants)
December 19 - Centro de Estudios Sobre Crimen Organizado Transnacional (CeCOT) - Universidad de La Plata (24 Participants)

Professors Realuyo and Saavedra presented on Cybersecurity, US National Security Strategy, Terror-Crime Convergence, Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. Speakers at the events included a number of WJPC alumni.