Perry Center Professor Provides Lecture to CEDEYAC via VTC

Photo Credit: WJPC Staff/AdobeConnect
October 12, 2018

Perry Center Professor Pat Paterson provided a lecture to CEDEYAC students on Thursday, October 11. His presentation, titled "Política de Defensa y Sistemas Regionales de Defensa y Seguridad," covered a number of important development in security and defense matters in the Western Hemisphere: definitions of security and defense; blurred lines between the two terms; examples of security and defense and which groups (mil or police) have authority for them; perceived threats in the hemisphere; a bit on the world political order since the mid-20th century to include sovereignty and international organizations (UN, ICC, ICRC); types of security - citizen, national, international; traditional military missions; 2002 Bridgetown Barbados OAS summit; 2003 Mexico City establishment of multidimensional security at OAS; and influence of foreign actors (China, Russia, US) in the Western Hemisphere.

During the question and answer session that followed the presentation, the CEDEYAC participants addressed a number of additional issues: soft power vs hard power; role of India; sequence of Bridgetown vs Mexico City declarations; and the legalization of drugs, among others.

The Perry Center and CEDEYAC are long-time academic partners. Both institutions address security and defense matters on behalf of their governments. Professor Paterson's presentation was one in a series of VTCs that Perry Center professors provide each year to its partner institute.