Perry Center Participates in Wilson Center Mexico Institute’s 8th Annual US-Mexico Security Conference

Prof. Realuyo Attends Wilson Center US-Mexico Conference
Photo Credit: WIlson Center Staff
January 17, 2020

Perry Center Professor Celina Realuyo participated in the Wilson Center Mexico Institute's 8th Annual US-Mexico Security Conference on January 15, 2020 where she spoke on her latest publication "Countering the Evolving Drug Trade in the Americas" addressing the opioid epidemic and growing drug trafficking in fentanyl and methamphetamines.

The forum examined the pressing security challenges Mexico faces, such as the record number of homicides in 2019, and how it plans to respond. Other topics covered included efforts to fight corruption and impunity; trends in security and migration enforcement on Mexico's southern border; the status of US-Mexico security cooperation; and how illegal drug markets are evolving in Mexico and the United States. Two new research papers, one on the formation of Mexico's National Guard, and the other on countering the evolving drug trade in the Americas, were presented. The conference featured leading policy analysts from Mexico and the United States.