Perry Center announces new publication on Caribbean security and defense matters

August 26, 2016

The Perry Center is excited to announce its latest book, an edited series of essays titled Contemporary Security and Defense Issues in the Caribbean. Contributing authors include students and professors from the Caribbean Security and Defense Course in 2015.

The 200-page book is a product of the team work of the Perry Center faculty and staff. Professors Pat Paterson and Walter Earle edited the nine essays in the collection. Director Mark Wilkins provided the foreword. Perry Center graphic designer Vivian Edwards helped design and assemble the book. Strategic Program Manager Mike Mann oversaw the production and printing process. Perry Center research assistants Liliana Besosa, Sarah Albanesi, and Caroline Armstrong contributed to the research and collection of information including three annexes at the back of the book.

As Director Mark Wilkins wrote, the book is representative of what the Perry Center does best: assemble diverse perspectives from policy leaders in the region, craft them into an academic product, and distribute it to interested parties who may use it to develop constructive policy that contributes to regional stability and prosperity. The nine authors in the book are all products of the Perry Center courses and programs. They have sharpened their information, critical thinking skills, and knowledge through academic exchanges at the Center.

The chapters in the book are as follows:

  1. "The Un-Governed and Un-Governable Spaces: Threats to Democracy and National Security in Jamaica" by George Benson of Jamaica
  2. "Preventing Violent Extremism in the Caribbean by Francesca Caonero and Pernille Rasmussen" of the United Nations
  3. "Citizen Insecurity in Trinidad and Tobago and the Applicability of the Concept of the Mafia State" by Dianne Williams of Trinidad and Tobago
  4. "Warring on Domestic Soil: Military versus Police Missions in Jamaica" by Valeen Calder of Jamaica
  5. "Systemic Challenges in Law Enforcement: Examining the Social Context of Misconduct and Criminal Behavior within the Police Service of Trinidad and Tobago" by Netty-Ann Gordon of Trinidad and Tobago
  6. "Corruption and its Impact on Good Governance in the Caribbean" by Henderson P. Patrick of Barbados
  7. "The United Nations Law of the Sea Conventions (UNCLOS) and its Impact on the Traditional Maritime Powers Operations in the Caribbean" by Professor Wilbert Kirton of Barbados
  8. "Global Warming and Climate Change in the Caribbean" by Pat Paterson of the United States
  9. "Venezuela’s '9-Dash-Line' in the Caribbean" by R. Evan Ellis of the United States