Hemispheric Forum: Coping with Opposition to the US in Parts of Latin America

September 27, 2013

On September 26, the Perry Center convened a Hemispheric Forum panel discussion on the topic of “Coping with Opposition to the US in Parts of Latin America.” Acting Director Ken LaPlante provided introductory remarks, and Assistant Professor Pat Paterson served as panel moderator. The panelists, a diverse and distinguished group of regional experts, included Peter Hakim, President Emeritus and Senior Fellow at the Inter-American Dialogue; Douglas Farah, President of IBI Consultants and Senior Fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center; Eric Farnsworth, Vice President of the Council of the Americas/Americas Society; and María Liz García de Arnold, former Minister of Defense of Paraguay.

The panelists discussed a number of topics related to the theme of opposition and animosity to the United States in parts of Latin America. They discussed the historical sources of opposition, the role that pockets of opposition play in intra-regional relations today, and what strategies and courses of action exist for the United States to navigate the increasingly turbulent waters of regional politics. The panelists’ presentations were followed by a vibrant question-and-answer section and closing remarks from Acting Director LaPlante.

The Hemispheric Forum was available through online streaming in both English and Spanish, and this expanded the audience to nearly 100 viewers from 14 different countries.


Hemispheric Forum - September 2013