First CHDS Videoconference with Mexico’s CESNAV

October 10, 2012

On the evening of October 10, 2012, CHDS conducted the first event in the 2012 NationLab exercise with the Centro de Estudios Superiores Navales (CESNAV), the senior War College of the Mexican Navy. The event, a 3-hour videoconference, presented participants with an orientation to the activity itself, as well as the system dynamics methodology employed to analyze the challenges of transnational organized crime (TOC) affecting Mexico and the broader region from a systemic perspective, facilitating the application of coordinated international and "whole-of-government" solutions.

CHDS Professor Evan Ellis, supported by Raul Neine, gave the presentation. Approximately 70 people participated in the event on the CESNAV side, including senior leaders of the institution and distinguished representatives from other parts of the Mexican government.

A second videoconference will follow on October 22, providing more in-depth training on the application of the system dynamics methodology, including the process of influence diagramming. Other forthcoming events included in this year’s NationLab exercise include a 2-day workshop providing hands-on experience in the representation of the TOC challenge through influence diagramming and the associated derivation of intervention strategies. The capstone event of the series will be a 5-day interactive wargame, to be conducted November 5–9 at the CESNAV facility in Mexico City, featuring senior officers of the Mexican Navy (SEMAR) and Mexican Army (SEDENA), distinguished representatives of various Mexican ministries involved in the fight against TOC, and representatives from the US and other governments involved in the struggle against TOC in the region.