Fall 2014 Perspectives on Homeland Defense and Security Course

PHSD 2014
September 16, 2014

On September 15, the Perspectives on Homeland Security and Defense Course (PHSD) entered its residence phase at the Perry Center in Washington, DC. The PHSD is a unique course focused on multifaceted issues in homeland defense: border security, critical infrastructure, natural disasters, terrorism, interagency coordination, maritime and port security, and continuity of government operations. The course is divided into an online distance learning phase (two weeks) and a residence phase (two weeks, split between Washington, DC, and Colorado Springs, CO). The distance learning phase included readings, lectures, and online discussions, and the residence phase builds upon that knowledge base and includes lectures from DC-based homeland defense policymakers and practitioners. The second week of the residence phase (September 22–26) takes place at USNORTHCOM headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO, allowing participants a firsthand view of how the United States manages homeland security and interagency issues.

Thirty participants, representing a diversity of civilian and military policymakers from throughout the Americas, are attending the 2014 PHSD. Professor Pat Paterson directs the course, and Professors Guillermo Pacheco, Celina Realuyo, and Boris Saavedra serve as facilitators.


2014 PHSD 2