Dr Álvaro Briones Speaks to CTOC Students about OAS Regional Security Outlook

September 14, 2012

Participants in the Fall CHDS Countering Transnational Organized Crime (CTOC) Course were treated to a special guest lecture on Friday, September 14, given by Dr. Álvaro Briones, representing the Organization of American States (OAS). Dr. Briones has served as an ambassador of the Chilean government and currently directs the Public Security Department of the Multidimensional Security Secretariat at the OAS. Dr. Patricia Escamilla-Hamm invited Dr. Briones to speak to the CTOC participants about the relationship between combating crime and criminal organizations and ensuring public security.

The class also received copies of the 2012 OAS Report on Citizen Security, which was released officially the same day. Dr. Briones addressed the conclusions of the Report, which include the primacy of the concept of multidimensional security. Since states in the Western Hemisphere face modern threats with nuanced and complicated political, social, and economic aspects, the concept of providing security must be broadened to address its multidimensional nature. Dr. Briones also affirmed that moving forward, frameworks for security must be flexible and responsive to the ongoing threats posed by transnational crime and criminal organizations. Ultimately, Dr. Briones stressed that public security and human rights should form the foundation for any effective national or regional security policy.

Following Dr. Briones’s presentation, the participants took the opportunity to discuss these concepts, and Professor Escamilla-Hamm thanked Dr. Briones for his presentation on behalf of CHDS Director Richard Downie.