Course at the Institute of Superior Strategic Studies of Paraguay

May 07, 2012

From April 30th to May 5th, the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies had the satisfaction of presenting a module on Defense and Security Policy to the participants in the National Strategic Planning and Execution Masters course of the Institute of Superior Strategic Studies of Paraguay. These modules that CHDS presents are inserted into academic programs in schools and institutions with which the Center maintains academic relations and constitutes an enriching experience for both parties. In his opening remarks, the Director of IAEE, Division General Luis Gerardo Noceda, highlighted the importance of cooperation in order to confront common threats to countries within the region, emphasizing the work that supports these efforts that the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies carries out through powerful instruments such as education. Professors Manuel Lora and Michael Gold-Biss led an intense program of presentations and group sessions in which they analyzed the global, regional, and national security environment, organized crime, defense economics, cooperation, and measures of control and supervision, among other things. In addition to the 69 students, a number of CHDS graduates were present, as well as members of the IAEE academic staff.