Chilean Naval War College Visits the Perry Center

ACANAV Group Photo
August 10, 2016

On August 9, the Perry Center hosted a delegation of staff and students from Chile’s Naval War College (ACANAV) as part of that institution’s annual visit to the United States. Led by ACANAV Director CAPT Gonzalo Peñaranda Moran, the 53-person delegation included students from Chile’s Army and Air Force, as well as international fellows from Argentina, Canada, and Mexico. During their stay in the United States, ACANAV students will meet with officials from the United Nations, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and US Southern Command.

Professor Guillermo Pacheco described the history, mission, and organization of the Perry Center, with an emphasis on those courses and academic programs that support the Center’s mission of strengthening defense governance institutions in the Americas. He then gave a presentation on the principles of effective defense governance and engaged in a discussion with guests about national contexts, including the Chilean and US experiences.

The Perry Center was joined by Dr. Harold Trinkunas, Director of the Latin America Initiative at the Brookings Institution. A leading expert on foreign policy, governance, and security in a Latin American context, Dr. Trinkunas spoke briefly about the role of the Brookings Institution in informing policymakers. He then presented on the current state of US-Latin America relations and why these hemispheric relationships are stronger than they may appear to some observers. Participants asked questions and gave their feedback on Dr. Trinkunas’ assessment.