CHDS Holds Seminar on Terrorism and Crime in Lima, Peru

September 28, 2012

On September 26 and 27, 2012, CHDS Professor Celina B. Realuyo taught a seminar on the nexus between terrorism and crime at the Peruvian Army Intelligence College in Lima, Peru. The seminar, organized by CHDS alumnus General Augusto Álvarez, was attended by 49 Peruvian Army Officers and 1 Brazilian army officer at the Lieutenant Colonel level.

Professor Realuyo taught four modules in Spanish over two days using case studies from the Americas (Colombia, Mexico, Hezbollah in the Tri-border) and Near East South Asia (Afghanistan/Pakistan and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb) and covered the following topics:

  • Asymmetrical Threats in the New Global Security Environment;
  • Combating the Nexus of Terrorism and Crime in the Americas;
  • International Efforts to Combat Money Laundering;
  • Understanding and Combating Terrorist Financing.

Each day included at least one hour of interactive question-and-answer sessions with the students at the conclusion of formal presentations. Students demonstrated a keen interest in US Army General (ret.) David Petraeus' "Anaconda Strategy" to combat terrorism, insurgency and narcotics in Afghanistan, and expressed a desire to develop a similar one for Peru against Sendero Luminoso.


Terror-Crime Nexus Seminar attendees and Professor Realuyo on the front steps of the Peruvian Army Intelligence College