CHDS and ANEPE Trade Ideas

June 20, 2012

Between April the 29th and June the 18th CHDS and ANEPE–Chile held their first academic exchange in a program coordinated by both institutions. During the three-week period, students and professors from ANEPE–Chile shared readings, lectures, and ideas with CDHS professors. Initially using video conference technology, the two parties engaged in discussions over issues concerning the political control over the defense activities in a democracy. Later discussions were held on peace operations and their political consequences, as well as political decisions. From June 18th to June 21st, discussions were held in Fort McNair’s Lincoln Hall in Washington, DC, for four hours each morning. The results went beyond expectations due to the high level of the participation from ANEPE–Chile, with important conclusions reached in both fields (political control over defense activities and peace operations). Both institutions agreed to continue this type of exchange and hoped to plan a second one very soon.