CHDS Advanced Courses Begin Residence Phase

CHDS Director Dr. Richard Downie addressing participants of CPMR, GGSA, SIS, and HR/ROL (via LiveStream) courses
October 16, 2012

On October 15, CHDS Director Dr. Richard Downie welcomed 45 students from 18 countries in the hemisphere to the Center for the residence phase of three advanced courses. The three courses are: Governance, Governability, and Security in the Americas taught by Dr. Michael Gold-Biss; Civi-Political-Military Relations and Democratic Leadershiptaught by Dr. Jaime García; and Strategy and International Security taught by Dr. Scott Tollefson.

Dr. Downie welcomed the course participants, who then made introductions with their fellow students. Dr. Downie noted the immense diversity among the participants in terms of professional fields and experience, which tends to make for especially enriching dialogue and a greater shared understanding of the problems which confront our hemisphere.

Representing National Defense University, Dr. John Yaeger, Vice President of Academic Affairs, welcomed the participants and emphasized the value of academic accreditation and the need for appropriate tools to evaluate student participation in courses. Dr. Yaeger also described the success of the CHDS course model, which combines distance and residence phases.

This residence phase follows an intensive three-week distance phase in which students, using diverse educational platforms, remotely analyzed and discussed various topics related to their courses.

Strategic Implications of Human Rights and Rule of Law (HR/ROL) Course Participants and CHDS RepresentativesStrategy and International Security Course (SIS) Course Participants and CHDS RepresentativesGovernance, Governability and Security in the Americas (GGSA) Course Participants and CHDS RepresentativesCivil-Political-Military Relations and Democratic Leadership(CPMR) Course Participants and CHDS Representatives