November 20, 2008

On November 19th a delegation of 54 members of the Chilean Academia Nacional de Estudios Estrategicos (ANEPE), the winners of the William J. Perry Award in the institutional category last September, visited the National Defense University, where its Director, General Carlos Stuardo Escobar, was received by NDU President, LtGen Frances Wilson. Later the delegation participated in an interesting academic forum with Dr. Eric Kjonnerod, senior policy advisor in the Wargaming and Simulation Center at NDU's Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS), and Drs. Jaime García and Luis Bitencourt of the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies. At the end of the day, a round table discussion was held with the participation of Garcia and Ambassadors Patrick Duddy and Luigi Einaudi, in which the group was able to exchange commentaries and questions.