A/ASD Rosenblum Recognized as Distinguished Member of the Perry Center

February 19, 2014

On February 18, Perry Center Acting Director Ken LaPlante gathered the Center’s faculty and staff together to recognize the work of Todd Rosenblum, Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense (A/ASD) for Homeland Defense and Americas’ Security Affairs. Mr. LaPlante spoke about A/ASD Rosenblum’s contributions to security and defense policy on behalf of the Perry Center and its wider Hemispheric community, and presented Mr. Rosenblum with a certificate acknowledging his status as Distinguished Member of the Perry Center. As A/ASD, Mr. Rosenblum was instrumental in retaining funding for the Regional Centers throughout the Strategic Choices Management Review process and the OSUDP reorganization; his personal interest in the Western Hemisphere enhanced the regional center knowledge base of hundreds of OUSDP personnel focused on functional rather than regional challenges.

A/ASD Rosenblum 1A/ASD Rosenblum 2A/ASD Rosenblum 3