Sharing Sad News: Death of the Peruvian Graduate Alberto Bolívar Ocampo

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December 02, 2012

We regret to share that on November 28, 2012, Alberto Bolívar Ocampo (DPRM 2003, TCI 2007, ADP 2008, SPNB 2009) died in Lima, Peru, due to natural causes.

The Peruvian professor and academic Bolivar was a well-known political scientist and debater in the Peruvian academic environment on issues of national security, national defense and intelligence. He graduated from the Center for Advanced Military Studies (CAEM), in 1984; the School of National Intelligence, in 1988, and the Center for Defense Hemispheric Studies (CHDS).

Since 1988, he taught in topics related to: geopolitics, revolutionary war, anti-subversive warfare, asymmetric warfare, strategic intelligence, among others. He was a professor at the Center for Higher National Studies (CAEN), Institute of Higher Police Studies (INAEP), Army War College, Naval War College (ESUP), Air War College (ESFAP), School of Intelligence Naval, School of Intelligence of the Army, School of Agents of the National Police, among other academic centers.

Alberto Bolívar worked as a civilian attaché in the Embassy of Peru in the United States, managing to obtain important books in security and intelligence for the library of the National Intelligence School (ENI). He also devoted himself to academic research, publishing articles in newspapers and magazines, both national and foreign, especially the preface of the book Professionalism of Intelligence in the Americas (1994), edited by the Joint Military Intelligence College (JMIC), with the support of CHDS.

In his last decade, he was the founder and president of the Strategos Analysis and Dissemination Institute.

To the whole family we offer our deepest condolences.

Desde izquierda a derecha: Arturo Fuenzalida (Chile); Ana Suárez (El Salvador); Dr. Richard R. Downie (Director, CHDS); Claudinne Ogaldes (Guatemala); Samuel Alves Soares (Brasil); Erubiel Tirado (México); Alberto Bolívar Ocampo (Perú, fallecido)