Head of the Anti-Narcotics Office of Honduras Murdered by Unknown Persons After Serious Accusation

December 10, 2009
Julián Arístides González

NSPW 2009

The General (ret.) Julián Arístides González, Head of the Anti-Narcotics Directorate of Honduras, was murdered by unknown persons in the capital of that Central American country, one day after he denounced that the drug trafficking from South America was alternating his Operation routes to Honduras, a country that is frequently reached by planes from Colombia, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Gonzalez, who participated in CHDS security policies and strategies workshop in May 2006, had recently stated that he had hundreds of files under investigation against individuals reported for drug trafficking.

Upon hearing the news, Dr. Richard D. Downie, expressed his outrage at this tragic act and his deepest regret, issuing this statement:

"It should be noted that his serious and professional approaches during the discussions were a real contribution to the success of the students' work, and his active participation made him stand out not only among the group, but also in the opinion of his own colleagues, who knew recognize his professional and personal career, qualifying him as an exemplary citizen and a worthy representative of the military institution, and valuing his participation in benefit of the group activity and the workshop in general."

"As a retired general officer, as well as head of the anti-narcotics office in Honduras, his participation was extremely valuable because of his extensive experience as a general officer, as well as the development of efficient policies and strategies and effectively formulated at the high level of government."

Peace to the remains of the exemplary citizen who knew how to give everything for his institution and his country."