Outreach Activities in Paraguay

May 08, 2012

As part of the outreach activities carried out in the region’s countries by the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies (CHDS), Professors Manuel Lora and Michael Gold-Biss presented a full program of activities in Paraguay between April 30th and May 5th, which were designed to strengthen the collaborative academic relationships between diverse institutions dedicated to the subjects of security and defense. On this trip the professors made presentations to the National University, American University, Metropolitan University, the Superior Institution of Police Education of the National Police of Paraguay, the official participants of the courses of Command and Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Air Force and the Paraguayan Army, as well as participants from the Strategic Leadership course in the IAEE. They covered diverse subjects related to the global, regional and national security situation, emphasizing that the threat environment requires cooperation between countries in order to confront them, recognizing that no state is in the condition to do so alone.