Ms. María Teresa Belandria

Visiting Fellow

Born in Caracas, Venezuela. Attorney from the Universidad Santa María in Caracas, Specialist in International Economic Law and Integration at the Central University of Venezuela. Political Science PhD candidate at the Central University of Venezuela.

Undergraduate and graduate professor at the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences, Law School where she teaches the following subjects: Public International Law, International Economic Relations, International Financial Institutions, and Geopolitics. She is also a member of the Faculty of Humanities and Education, School of Arts, and there teaches Sociology of Art, Political Analysis from the Cinematographic Perspective and Analysis of Socio-Cultural Reality.

She is also a professor at the Metropolitan University of Caracas School of Liberal Studies and School of Law and is the chair of New Trends in International Public Law and International Organizations.

Advisor to the Committee on Foreign Policy and Sovereignty and the Defense Committee of the National Assembly. Member of the Binational Environment Committee of the Venezuelan-Colombian Chamber of Integration, President of the Foreign Trade Committee of Fedecaramas and adviser of Foreign Policy and Defense to former Congresswoman María Corina Machado.

Professor Belandria taught for 9 years at the Military Academy of Venezuela (Artillery and Army Infantry). She also reviewed theses written at the Venezuelan Army's Command Staff School. She was a professor at the Institute of High Diplomatic Studies "Pedro Gual".

She is a graduate of the Perry Center, and since 2001, has participated as an adjunct professor. She is currently at the Perry Center as a visiting Fulbright Fellow to conduct research on her doctoral thesis: "Venezuela and Colombia: Multidimensional Analysis of the Border."