Vicente Torrijos

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Adjunct Professor

Political analyst, writer and journalist with a diploma in Public Opinion, he has a Master in Political Studies, completed his postgraduate studies in Higher International Studies, performed doctoral studies in International Relations and completed his postdoctoral fellowship in Strategic Affairs, Security and Defense.

He is a Research Professor at the Colombian War College and an Adjunct Professor at the William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies, based at National Defense University in Washington, DC.

He has been a Professor, Distinguished Professor, and Emeritus Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the Universidad del Rosario, where he also received the Professor of Academic Excellence Award. Torrijos is also the author of eight books on political issues; as a poet and novelist, has published two volumes.

He has also been a Presidential Commissioner for crisis management with Venezuela, a security and defense advisor to the Presidency of the Republic and a member of the Historical Commission of the Conflict and its Victims installed in Havana by the Bureau of Negotiations between the National Government and the FARC in August 2014.

In the same way, he was founder and director of Department of International Relations (and its Masters program) at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, as well as the Colombian School of High Government with its specialization in Senior State Management.

Additionally, he has been a member of the Colombian War College's Regional Center for Strategic Studies (CREES), a consultant in strategic affairs of the general command of the military forces, and collaborator at Madrid's Royal Elcano Institute for International and Strategic Studies.

He is also an academic associate at the National Council of Academic Accreditation, columnist for the newspaper El Nuevo Siglo, political and international analyst of the Colmundo chain, member of the National Council for Quality Assurance of Higher Education (Social Sciences and Humanities Room) and international consultant of the National System of Accreditation of Higher Education of the Republic of Costa Rica.

He is also a professor of Strategic Logic in the High Military Studies Course (CAEM) of the Colombian War College and member of the Center for Strategic Studies in Security and Defense (CSEDN).

He is also founder and former president of the Colombian Chapter of Graduates of the William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies and Guest Professor of the Joint Special Operations University (JSOU).

He has also been awarded the Medal of the Superior School of War, the Medal of Military Intelligence of Colombia, the Medal of Distinguished Services to the Military Forces, and the Medal of the Congress of the Republic.


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