Mariana Oliveira do Nascimento Plum

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Adjunct Professor

Dr. Mariana Oliveira do Nascimento Plum holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in international relations from the Institute of International Relations of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. She has two specializations in the area of ​​Defense, one from the War College (2010) and the other from the South American Defense Council (UNASUR, 2013). She worked at the Ministry of Defense in (2010-2015), at the Brazilian National War College in (2015-2016), at the Center for Strategic Studies of the Brazilian Army (2016), and was a professor of International Relations (undergraduate) at the University Center of the Federal District (2016-20018). She is currently an Institutional Relations advisor for the Brasilia Campus of the National War College.

She is a member of the International Studies Association, the Brazilian Association of International Relations and the Brazilian Association of Defense Studies. Has experience in Political Science and International Relations, focusing on International Security and Defense. Her main areas of interest and research are: nonproliferation and nuclear disarmament, peaceful uses of nuclear technology; and Brazilian nuclear, foreign, and defense policy.

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Updated / Actualizado: February 13, 2020