María Johana Alarcón

Adjunct Professor

Professional in International Relations and Political Studies from the Military University Nueva Granada. Masters in National Security and Defense of the Colombian National War College, Fellow at the European Center for Security Studies George Marshall and Adjunct Professor at the William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies; Adviser and researcher on issues related to security and national defense. Possesses broad conceptual clarity which provides various interpretations which allow for the study and understanding of the different behaviors in the threats or opportunities that Colombia presents in the different fields of action of the State; and in this way, carry out objective analysis of the national and international scenario. With analytical capacity to determine the latent threats facing the security of the country. She also has great competitiveness in the globalized world by knowing several countries, having shared diverse cultures and traditions, and having command of both general and academic English.


Updated / Actualizado: February 13, 2020