Dr. Marty Trevino

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Adjunct Professor

Dr. Marty Trevino is the Chief Scientist for the Cyber Insight Group and serves as a Strategic Advisor to numerous other firms.

Dr. Trevino is a nationally known Data / Decision Scientist and thought leader with a focus on building advanced analytics and artificial intelligence systems. Dr. Trevino has conceptualized, developed, and deployed multiple next-generation visual analytic systems in the US intelligence community and the cybersecurity industry in Silicon Valley.

Dr. Trevino's passion is improving higher-order decision-making through a deep understanding of the neuroscience, cognitive, and behavioral psychology of decision-making with visual analytics.

Dr. Trevino has led global and diverse technical and research teams as well as writing and speaking on a variety of topics ranging from Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to Quantum computing. Marty is the senior technical advisor to numerous organizations including the Inter-American Defense Board and visiting professor at the National Defense University in Washington, DC.

Dr. Trevino holds multiple university degrees including a Bachelor’s, two Master’s degrees, and a Doctoral degree in Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics.

Updated / Actualizado: June 25, 2020